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 creates home learning materials for your precious little ones. 

Our materials caters to your children’s educational needs. It comes in different themes to attract and retain children's interests. This makes kids highly motivated to learn, and thus results in kids developing a love for learning. It eradicates boredom since parents/teachers are able to teach with the themes or topics that the children are interested in. 


We cater for customisation too! If you have any themes or topics that you will like to touch on and is not available on our website. Do drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.











This coming June we have excitingly fun art workshops going on! 
Budding artists who are looking forward to these June holiday program will find fun art workshops at Young Smarties art studio.  



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Educational packs (Edupack)

Fun filled educational packs that comes in different themes to cater for your child interest.

Art Classes

Child is bored and no idea what to do? Come and join us for a fun filled art lesson. No package sign up requried. 


Doing right brain training at home? We have a list of flashcards that meet your needs.

Lapbook Classes

Learning can be fun and easy when you do it the "scrapbooking" way. Lapbooking enhances creativity and critical thinking while integrating the subjects of the lap book.

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